Baraolt SE Peak

Baraolt SE known in local as Baraolt SE, is a Peak and is located in the state of Covasna, Romania and the Time Zone is Europe/Bucharest. Baraolt SE Lattidude is 46.0648900 and the Longitude is 25.6378900 for accurate mapping of this location on your map

Baraolt SE info

Place Name: Baraolt SE
Type: Peak
ASCII Name: Baraolt SE
Other names: Baraolt SE,
State: Covasna
Country: Romania
Time Zone: Europe/Bucharest

Location of Baraolt SE

Lattidude : 46.0648900
Longitude: 25.6378900
Time zone : Europe/Bucharest
State: Covasna
Country: Romania

Baraolt SE Google map

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