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Lednik Niny Glaciers

Lednik Niny Glaciers is located in the state of Arkhangelskaya, Russia and the Time Zone is Europe/Moscow
Lednik Niny Lattidude is 80.4601400 and the Longitude is 54.1867600 for accurate mapping of this location on your map

Name: Lednik Niny
Type: Glaciers
ASCII Name: Lednik Niny
Other names: Lednik Niny, Lednik Niny, Ледник Нины
State: Arkhangelskaya
Country: Russia
Time Zone: Europe/Moscow

Lednik Niny Location

Lattidude : 80.4601400
Longitude: 54.1867600
Time zone : Europe/Moscow

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Lednik Molochnyy Glaciers80.746350060.3506000
Lednik Murkar Glaciers41.216670047.8500000
Lednik Mushketova Glaciers42.300000079.9166700
Lednik Nalivkinakh Glaciers38.782660072.3454200
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Lednik Novyy Glaciers42.933340077.3043800
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Lednik Penka Glaciers73.000000054.1666700
Lednik Pioner Glaciers79.901110093.0805600
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